What Candidates Really Want To Know From the Interview Process

Insights from our recent staffing survey

During the interview process, it’s not just candidates under the spotlight—companies are, too. While businesses actively evaluate potential hires, those candidates form impressions about the business, its culture, and how they might fit in. The interview process is a two-way evaluation, and our recent Staffing Insights survey offered some interesting data about what candidates want to know during their interviews. (Spoiler Alert: It’s NOT only about salary.)

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark, especially job seekers who go into an interview hoping to determine whether both the role and the company fit their needs. While our recent survey indicated hiring managers spend time touting the company’s history, milestones, and successes during an interview, this differs from what most candidates hoped to get out of the process. 

So, what are Midwest job candidates really looking for during interviews? 

We rank the top 5 interests according to our recent survey.

  1. Role and Responsibilities. In our survey, 85.9% of job seekers said they wanted a full grasp of their prospective position and its responsibilities. This was critical to survey respondents, ensuring they understood what was expected of them in the role and that their skills, experiences, and qualifications matched the job requirements. This transparency helps avoid potential misunderstandings and conflicts after they join the organization.
  2. Company Culture. Seventy-six percent of our respondents said they were keen to learn about a company’s culture, including work environment, team dynamics, and values. Our survey revealed that job candidates want to ensure their values, beliefs, and behaviors align with the company’s culture before signing up for a position.
  3. Compensation. While it might seem obvious that candidates want a comprehensive understanding of the compensation and benefits packages, surprisingly, it only ranked third in our survey at seventy percent.
  4. Growth Opportunities. Today’s workforce, especially younger generations, highly prioritize growth and development. Fifty-four percent of our respondents said they wanted to know more about learning and development programs, career progression, mentorship opportunities, and other avenues through which they can grow professionally.
  5. Company Performance. Interestingly, the topic hiring managers told us they focused on most ranked near the bottom (41%) of what job candidates hope to learn during the interview process.

Final Thoughts

Changing dynamics in today’s workforce demand companies look at their hiring processes from the candidate’s experience. In the interview, it is no longer just about selling the organization but genuinely addressing the priorities and concerns of potential hires. Our recent Staffing Insights Survey makes it evident that understanding job candidates’ nuanced expectations is paramount to securing top talent and ensuring a harmonious, transparent, and productive onboarding process. In an era where the power dynamics of recruitment are becoming increasingly balanced, businesses that keenly listen and adapt to what candidates truly want will distinguish themselves, fostering an environment of trust, alignment, and mutual growth from the very first interaction. 

Vernovis Uniquely Positioned to Help You 

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